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Curriculum Vitae
Personal information   Pavo Domínguez , Ana
  Address Avenue Juan Pablo II, Portal 24, Block 2,1ºb, 41702 Sevilla (Spain)
  Telephone 954729878 Mobile 689942601
  Gender Female | Date of birth 27th December of 1996 | Nationality(-ies) Spanish
Work Experience   separador
10/2016 - 10/2016   Volunteering with the LGTBI Collective
  Care of children with ages between 1 and 12 years, we realized workshops and presentation dynamics.
  Asociación de Enfrente
  Type of business or sector Community Services (Association)
28/03/2016 - 15/06/2016   Technical Practices in Care for Dependent Persons.
Formation in work centers
  Public School Special Education Mercedes Sanromá , Camino del Silo 2, 41012 Sevilla (Spain)
  Type of business or sector Community Services. Community Services. Practices made for the completion of the Middle Degree as Technician of People in Situation of Dependency.
Education and training   separador
09/2014 - 06/2016   Middle Degree Attention to People in Dependency Situation Level II (European Framework)
  Care and Social Support. - Domiciliary Support. -Health Care. -Training and career counseling. -Characteristics and Needs of People in Situation of Dependency. - Social Sciences. - Support to the Communication. Hygienic Care. -Teleasistencia. -Business and Entrepreneurship. -Organization of Attention to People in Situation of Dependency. -Formation in work centers.
  Street Esperanza dela Trinidad, 7 , 41008 Sevilla (Spain)
- Present   Higher Technician in Social Integration Level III (European Framework)
  - Socio-labor insertion.- Methodology of Social Intervention. - Context of Social Intervention. - Promotion of Personal Autonomy. - Alternative and Increasing Systems of Communication. - Training and career counseling. - First aid. - Attention to the Coexistence Units. - Community Mediation. - Support to the Educational Intervention. - Social skills. - Business and Entrepreneurship.
  I.E.S Isbilya
  Street Esperanza dela Trinidad, 7 , 41008 Sevilla (Spain)
Personal skills and competences   separador
Social skills and competences   Empathy; Capacity for teamwork; Active listening Assertiveness; Solving conflicts; Express and receive emotions; Address criticism; Start, maintain and end a conversation; Apologiz...
Organisational skills and competences   Leadership skills; Organizational and planning skills; Experience in projects and with teams ...
Technical skills and competences   Planification and organization; Coordination of activities...
Computer skills and competences   Mastery of Microsoft Office TM components (WordTM, ExcelTM and PowerPointTM ..)
Basic knowledge of graphic design applications (Adobe IllustratorTM, PhotoShopTM ...)
Artistic skills and competences   Knowledge of music, musical creation.
Great creativity, design and decoration
Other skills and competences   Seminar of dynamic communicators.


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