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de Belinda Contreras Mañas

Curriculum Vitae
Información personal   Contreras Mañas , Belinda
  Dirección Bread Street, 11, 41728 Seville (Spain)
  Teléfono +34 630234213 Móvil +34 689526168
  Correo(s) electrónico(s)
  Sexo Femenino | Fecha de nacimiento 07/1998 | Nacionalidad Spanish
Empleo solicitado   Technician of Social Integration
Experiencia profesional   separador
Educación y formación   separador
- Presente   High school diploma
  Social sciences
  Maestro Diego Llorente (High school)
  Carretera del Monte, 1 , 41720 Seville (Spain)
- Presente   Technician of Social Integration
  Context of Social intervention Socio-labour insertion Attention to living units Community mediation Support for educational intervention Promotion of personal autonomy Augmentative and alternative communication systems Social audit methodology First aid Social skills Social integration Project Training and employment guidance Enterprise and entrepreneurship Training in work centers
  Isbilya (High school)
  Calle Esperanza de la Trinidad, 7 , 41008 Seville (Spain)
Competencias personales   separador
Idioma materno   Spanish
Otros idiomas   Comprensión Habla Escritura
  Comprensión auditiva Lectura Interacción oral Capacidad oral  
English   B1 B1 A2 A2 B1
French   A2 A2 A2 A2 A2
  A1/2: Usuario básico - B1/2: Usuario autónomo - C1/2: Usuario competente
Competencias sociales   Ability to work in team
Ability to empathize
Ability to identify problems
Knowledge of local resources by my creation of a resource during my course of Social Integration Guide
Communication skills
Perform mediation between individuals and groups applying participatory and efficient conflict management techniques
Mastering social skills
Apply protocols established in the field of first aid in accident and emergency situations
Generate secure environments in the development of their work and that of his team, overseeing and applying procedures for prevention of occupational and environmental risks in accordance with the rules and objectives of the Company
Develop projects of social integration by applying current legislation and incorporating the gender perspective
Competencias organizativas   Perform basic management for the creation and operation of a small business and be proactive in their professional activity with a sense of social responsibility
Organize and implement labour and occupational insertion programs, evaluating the development and their adjustment to the default route
Organizing and coordinating teams, overseeing the development of it with responsibility, maintaining fluid relationships and assuming the leadership, as well as, providing solutions to group conflicts arising
Competencias técnicas   Monitor and implement procedures of management of quality, universal accessibility and design for all, in the professional activities included in the processes of production or provision of services
Competencias informáticas   Domain of the components of Microsoft Office
Basic knowledge of programming and design applications
Competencias artísticas   Ability to make crafts


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